Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Up?

Shows I'm watching and how they rate with me.....
(I know some of these are juvenile...what can I say... guilty pleasures?)
Switched at Birth  5 stars
Lying Game          3 stars
Hart of Dixie        4 stars
Secret Circle        3 stars
Vampire Diaries    3 stars
Revenge               5 stars
Ringer                  3 stars
New Girl              5 stars
Terra Nova          3 stars 
Suburgatory         4 stars
Once Upon a Time  4 stars
Bachelor/Bachelorette (usually, but not this season)

Book I'm currently reading: BECOME by Ali Cross
Book I'll read next: THE FAREWELL SEASON by Ann Herrick

I lovelovelove going to the movies and would probably go there once a day if I could.  The box office has had a dry spell though, for me at least.  Nothing up on the marquee has tempted me enough to brave the cold.  The last movie I saw was Sherlock Holmes on New Year's Day.  Thankfully, I've been seeing previews of some movies that have sparked my interest.
Chronicle - OMGosh!  Tell me that doesn't look good?
The Vow - I love a good chick flick!
The Woman in Black - Eeek!  I might be too much of a chicken to see this...we'll see.
This Means War - Romance, comedy and lots of spy action....WINNING!

Oh, by the way, KID HISTORY on youtube.  If you haven't already, check it out.   Don't miss any of the episodes, there are about 6 or 7 of them.  They're cute, smart and hilarious (enough to make you pee, just a little (or is that just me?)).  Watch the first one here!

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