About Me

Hi, I'm Arla!
I'm a Hispanic woman in my thirties, I've been married to my best friend for 13 yrs. and am mother to our 4 beautiful children (two boys, two girls...perfect!).  I was born and raised in the southern-most region of California, a place called Imperial Valley.  I lived and graduated high school in the city of Calexico.  Never heard of it?  I'm not surprised.   The valley is predominantly agricultural and the smell of cattle always takes me back there.  Calexico borders Mexicali, Mexico.  I spent a lot of time on both sides of the border.  I had a favorite place to eat in Mexicali that served the BEST flautas (a type of rolled taco, served in a tomatoey sauce topped with chopped cabbage and eaten by the dozen, that make my eyes roll back into my head) in the world.  It was only a little hole in the wall and I'm sure most people wouldn't have set foot in it, let alone EATEN there.  I left my small town at 19 yrs old, leaving behind my mom, dad and little brother, to move in with my aunt and a close cousin, four states away.  One of the TOP 5 BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE. I've never been homesick a day in my life. As a result of living in a town too small for my tastes, I always pictured myself ending up in a big city where I could walk around and people didn't know who I was or who my parents were.  It never panned out and I'm glad.  Especially now that I have kids.  I can finally see the benefits and appeal of a close community, just like mom said I would.

Before quitting to stay home with my kids in 2010, I spent 14 1/2 years working closely with people with disabilities.  This experience changed me and helped make me the person I am today.  This is also where I met and fell in love with my Prince Charming.

I'm a woman of faith and my family is very active in church.  I shudder to think where I might've ended up without spiritual guidance in my life.

I'm an outdoorsy girl.  I love the beautiful mountains that surround me and I take my family into their canyons to picnic when the weather permits.  I love to camp, fish, hike and ride ATVs.  My most favorite thing to do, besides read, is ride with my husband on his motorcycle.

I read every chance I get.  My nightstand is covered with books from friends and the library and I'm always perusing the Amazon store for new titles for my Kindle.

Fun facts:
 * I struggled with infertility for years before finally giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Once my body realized what it was supposed to be doing, the babies came every other year.  I'm done, 4 is plenty, thank you.
* Despite my best efforts to resist, I love country music. 

* I've never had a cavity.

* Whenever I set foot in Disneyland, I burst into happy tears.  Every. Single. Time.

* I played the flute for 9 yrs in school, but not well.  Band nerd and proud.


  1. Do you live near Estacada, Oregon? If so I think you and I would be friends. I'm in a writing group with Alice Lynn and appreciate your good review.

  2. Alas, no, I have never been to Oregon or near it. Haha! I think we most certainly would be friends, too. Let's be friends anyway??

    I don't know Alice well, but she is such a sweet and talented lady. I think she and I would be friends too. And thank you for the compliment!