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Interview with author SHAY FABBRO

Dr. Shay Fabbro

Me.. . . .don't you say it!

Now that I've given you accurate visuals, picture this. . . . .
Shay and I are sitting in the corner of a quiet little cafe, legs tucked under us, each with a soft throw across our laps, enjoying a slice of the best raspberry cheesecake known to man, as she graciously answers some of my questions in relation to her book, Dangerous Reflections.  At least that's how I'd like to envision this interview taking place (no one burst my bubble, please). 

If you missed it, you can read my review of the first book in her time travel themed YA series HERE.      

The protagonist in her YA book, Alexis Davenport, has got it rough.  Her dad wiped out her mom's bank account, leaving them penniless and then took off.  What a winner, eh?  In order to survive, Alex and her mom move to a different city and into her mom's estranged sister's guesthouse.  Saying she's not a happy camper is an understatement.  To top things off, Alex is seeing strange people in the mirror from different periods in history and then being sent back in time to inhabit their bodies. 

Around a mouthful of cheesecake, I ask Shay the following: 

* What led you to write this book?  Why this genre?
I have always loved scifi and fantasy, ever since I was a child. My dad and I used to watch the old Star Trek together. I had a dream while in grad school and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was building something that could potentially be a novel.

* Why do you think you're able to perfectly capture the teenage voice?  Because Alexis embodies every teenager I know and what I remember sounding like too.
I had a tough time with that one! Writing adult scifi/fantasy is quite different from writing YA fantasy. Thankfully, I got some great advise early on that helped me forge my way into the YA genre. And I really watched a lot of teenagers to see how they talked with one another (minus all the cuss words of course) and just remembered what it was like back in high school. Kids change every year but there are always things about teens that remain the same.

* Are any of your characters modeled after people you know?
There is a LOT of me in Alexis. It was difficult at times revisiting some of the more painful times of my teen years, although for me,  my most awkward times were the middle school years. I was bullied and had to deal with the crush that never noticed I was alive. But it’s all good. In the words of Garth Brooks: “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers”. I am so secure and happy in my life right now and have the best husband in the universe!

* Would you consider yourself a history buff like Alex?  Do you have a passion for it?
Actually, I didn’t have a passion for history until Alexis wormed her way into my brain. I am a scientist (I teach biology classes at Colorado Mesa University) so I have always been more fascinated with that subject. My husband is a history buff and through his passion, I have grown to appreciate the subject. 

* If you had a capability like Alex's, which time period would you be hoping to visit?
I’d want to go back to see either ancient Egypt or Rome. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to see these places in person! 

* What famous person in history would you most like to meet? 
Honestly? I would go back to visit the time of Jesus. It would be so amazing to follow him and hear him speak, watch him perform miracles, be there after he was Resurrected. 
* Do you have any specific ancestors you'd like to meet? 
I am actually directly related to Charlemagne, the King of France and also directly related to Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark. It would so awesome to go back and have dinner and drinks with those guys! Especially if I could take my cell phone back with me and show them what life is like in the 21st century!

* Your ideal guy?
Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. Or perhaps Gerard Butler in 300! :D

* Describe your perfect day. 
Sitting in a beautiful mountain landscape, listening to the wind whispering through the aspen leaves, feeling the warmth of the sun, basking in the splendor of the universe. Being in the mountains renews my soul and it’s where I am able to really connect to my characters. 

* What are you currently reading?
I am reading a book called The Camera Guy by Richard Goodship. He used to be a forensic photographer so this book details what that job is like. Fascinating!

* What are your favorite books, movies?  Who is your favorite author?
I would say that JRR Tolkein is my favorite author of all time. I have read his books so many times I have lost count and I always discover something new and amazing every time I pick them up. As far as movies? That’s a tough one! I would have to say the original three Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Oooo and The Fifth Element, Wrath of Khan, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Aliens...
* Do you have any secret talents? 
Sadly, I really don’t!

* What's next for you or what are you working on?
I am currently doing the final edits for the second book of the Alexis Davenport series, Twisted Reflections! This book will be more intense as Alex  learns more about her strange gift of time travel as well as her life spiraling out of control. I am also working on the final book of my adult scifi/fantasy trilogy (Portals of Destiny).

Thank you so much, Shay.  I think you're fabulous and so so sweet!  I should also mention that it's freakin me out a little that I would've answered about 80% of the questions exactly as you did.  I'd be thinking long lost twin, except, as you can see from the above picture, I have naturally pink hair.  There goes that theory.  We should definitely imagine another cafe meeting/interview sometime.

Here's a peek at the cover of Twisted Reflections, to be released at the end of March (Woot! Woot!).
If you've read the book, like me, your mind is jumping to all sorts of conclusions trying to figure out what scenario the cover is depicting.
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